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Discover our Merino Wool Baby Socks beanies and singlets, a delightful blend of comfort and quality meticulously crafted in the heart of New Zealand. Our socks are designed to pamper your little one's tiny toes, providing unmatched softness, warmth, and the assurance that they'll stay up, ensuring snug and cozy little feet.

Our beanies are fine, soft and warm with some cute colours available.

Merino Wool: Made from the finest Merino wool, renowned for its softness and natural warmth. Embrace your baby's feet in the gentle luxury that only Merino can provide, ensuring supreme comfort throughout the day. We have added a touch of lycra to our socks for durability and to stop them from falling down. 

Crafted in New Zealand: Our socks and beanies are a testament to the craftsmanship of New Zealand artisans. Sourced and created locally, each pair carries the authenticity and quality that comes from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand.

Softness Beyond Compare: Delicate on your baby's skin, these socks offer a cloud-like softness, our beanies are so fine they are perfect to be worn against a babies delicate skin. Experience the joy of dressing your little one in a fabric that feels as tender as their first moments.

Cozy Warmth: Merino wool is nature's way of keeping your baby warm without overheating. Our socks and beanies provide a cozy layer, making them ideal for various seasons and ensuring your baby's tiny toes are snug and warm.

Stay-Up Design: Engineered for practicality, these socks feature a stay-up design that ensures they remain securely on your baby's feet.  

Perfect for:

  • Everyday Wear
  • Chilly Days and Nights
  • Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts

Indulge your little one in the luxury of our Merino Wool Baby Socks – where softness, warmth, and the charm of New Zealand craftsmanship come together to create the perfect accessory for tiny feet. Because every step should be as comfortable as the first.

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28 results

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